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Yo peeps, it's been a while!

So I signed up for this Talenthouse thing and entered for a competition through it! The competition is to do with bands and music production so I've entered the first track from my Better Than The Book EP, Leaving Home [Paper Planes and Bottled Ships]! The winners gets a load of AVID gear and their track professionally mixed and mastered at ABBEY ROAD STUDIO! It's such a big opportunity!

That's where I need your help guys. Part of the competition is down to public votes. Please support me by clicking the following link talenthouse.com/jabun and clicking support (kinda like a facebook like or twitter follow). Voting opens in March for the competition and by supporting, you'll get an email reminder that the voting has opened. I love making music that people will enjoy, and this is the perfect opportunity to spread the word!

Thanks Newgrounds and remember, there's always free tracks to download from my soundcloud and Newgrounds account. Cheers!


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Yo! It's been a while, but here's a new tune for the Prime Loops + SBTV Trap Remix Competition. It's called 3rd September 1939. You can watch it on youtube here and can be downloaded from my soundcloud here

Enjoy and feel free to subscribe to my youtube or follow me on twitter



New Tune! "3rd September 1939" [Prime Loops + SBTV Trap Remix Comp]

Well, I finished another 8-bit Remix, "Comics Are For Kids" by Lights, Camera, Attraction! Unfortunately I'm having trouble again uploading it to Newgrounds for download in the audio portal... Nevertheless you can listen to it on Youtube and download both Mono and Stereo versions from my soundcloud. Enjoy and check out the original on LCA's soundcloud here

Peace out and enjoy the oldschool!

Lights, Camera, Attraction!


Another LC8-bit adventure "Comics Are For Kids", but...

So I managed to upload my latest remix, an 8-bit version of Architecture of Modernity by Lights, Camera Attraction, but I'm having trouble getting my other remix up (no idea why...)

Here it isArchitecture of Modernity

I might try uploading the other 8-bit remix later, but it's looking pretty hopeless at the mo... You guys can always download it from my soundcloud anyway. I always make a spare XD


8-bit Architecture of Modernity up on newgrounds but...

Hope you guy's all had an excellent winter break! I've been busy with music stuff. Super busy, but all a good busy!!!!

First of all, Lights Camera Attraction (the band I'm in) has been planning for its first gig with me and its first ALBUM! Last week we recorded 11.5 out of 13 guide tracks for the album and it's sounding lovely. Only got 2 songs to finish, then we'll be hitting the studio for some drum tracking! It's gonna be a fun few months! Check out what we're up to on facebook. We also have twitter if you feel like following us XD

Next , I wanted to give a shout out to a local band "Garden Heart" who blew my mind earlier on this week! LCA's guitarist Andy does lead guitar for them and an old friend Lizzy plays guitar and vocals for them. They have some true awesome and have even been approached by Virgin (the record label!!!!) Check out their freshly recorded tracks on soundcloud. Tables is some sort of awesome!

Finally, with all this music going on, I haven't had an amazing amount of time to make any new solo music, so I decided to put a few evenings aside to make some lovely 8-bit remixes of some tracks I have become part of. The first is Architecture of Modernity, the first track on LCA's debut EP Everyone's an Architect, the next is Leaving Home, the 2nd track from my own Better Than The Book EP One Small Step. The 8-bit remixes can be downloaded in oldschool mono or headphone stereo from soundcloud, and as usual, the One Small Step EP can be downloaded from Bandcamp. I tried uploaded the remixes to newgrounds, but it was being difficult so i'll try in the future... I'll certainly be making more!



Enjoy! And spread the word!



Yo peeps,

After a good few months of musicmaking, the debut Better Than The Book - One Small Step EP is finally finished. The EP is available for download on bandcamp and can be listened to in all its gapless glory on youtube. A special thanks goes out to Andy Forman, who managed to work his way into every track somewhere, and Martin Noakes for help in the mastering process.

Merry Christmas, everyone and enjoy the music. It's been a blast writing and producing it!


Better Than The Book - One Small Step EP FINISHED!!!!!

Lo peeps.

So with the remix competition going on and the EP project coming to a close, I've also been working hard with my band Lights, Camera, Attraction! We finished my first recording with me just yesterday (I'm on bass and doing the production) which is up for free download as a christmas present to y'all! Check it out here

Also, for all you facebookers here is our facebook page. There's a nice little video of us busting out an acoustic version of Leaving Home (The first track on my soon to come Better Than The Book EP) Sooon!

Anyways, Merry Christmas, and Happy end of the world to you all!

Peace out and thank goodness it's tomorrow XD

Whoa, busy week! I've just finished my entry to the Diamond Eyes - Nine Fifteen Remix competition on soundcloud! You can take a listen to the other entries and download it here Once the download limit expires, I'll upload it to newgrounds!

Enjoy and as per usual you can check out much more of my stuff on my soundcloud page. If you want to keep up to date on my work and messing around, feel free to follow me on twitter as well : D

Hope to blow some freakin minds XD Peace out!

The 5th and final track of the Better Than The Book EP is done!

Backseat Phobia

All I need to do now is polish the mixes, master the audio and draw some kickass album art! Should be done by the end of the year! SOOO EXCITED!

As usual, you can find more of my stuff on my soundcloud and if you feel like knowing what I'm up to, follow me on twitter

Enjoy the track!

New Track "Woof Woof, Nag Nag" and more recording!

2012-12-09 07:47:55 by Jabun

4th track of the soon to be done Better Than The Book EP is complete. It's called "Woof Woof, Nag Nag" and can be listened to on youtube or my soundcloud! Only 1 more track to go with regards the EP which should be recorded by the end of next week!

On another note, I've started my first recording project with Lights Camera Attraction; and acoustic version of one of our tracks "Human Interest, Human Nature". Follow us on twitter to keep updated with the progress. If you feel like following me on twitter, click Here! You can also listen to the whole of the Everyone's An Architect EP (LCA) on their soundcloud here. It should be available for digital download from bandcamp soon!

NEways, cheers for listening and hope to bring you more music soon!