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New Chillstep Track "Bergamot"

2012-12-05 06:18:09 by Jabun

New Track is up on my soundcloud. It's my first electronic music track, a chillstep one called "Bergamot"

Here is the link

Before I go, I'd like to give a shout out to CruciA, a producer I admire. He took the time to listen to the track when it was uploaded and gave me good positive feedback on it. You can find his stuff here http://soundcloud.com/crucia Cheers man.

Enjoy the track and peace out!


2012-12-01 05:59:28 by Jabun

My bro has been drawing comics for ages and has got a fair few of them published! Thought I'd give him a little plug here and spread the joy! Lets get started!

First of all there's Tallisman Rogue which is about conspiracy theories and a group of misfits trying to uncover one. It's got a good balance of skit based comedy and serious awesome and as well as the main comic, theres a weekly side story 4 frame which is up on his website http://tallismanrogue.com/ on which you can get merch and read all of the books in the series so far!

The second is the tales of Jefferson Pugley, a lovable pug dog with an... overwhelming respect for his owner, to often hylarious and extreme consequences! There are 3 books so far:

Jefferson Pugley's Pyroclastic Hoobajoob
Jefferson Pugley: Brollercoaster Extraordinaire
Jefferson Pugley Versus Jeffreson Pugsley

Finally there is the latest story "The Setting" which is difficult to describe... Imagine the Tatooine Star Wars setting, minus the lightsabres and futuresque technology, a girl with a clockwork brain and a serial killer going round collecting body parts in search for the human soul. It's dark, with an awesome array of strange characters and the occasional comedy edge. Book 2 out of 12 is currently in the works. I freakin love the art style for this too!

All these books can be purchased at lulu.com or by seeing my bro Eamon D Standing (AKA Mimeo) at various southern UK comic conventions!

Spread the word!


New Track "Watching Airships", new band and a book!

2012-11-30 10:14:44 by Jabun

Yo guys! Track 3 from my hopefully soon to come EP is pretty much done and there is some more cinematic stuff on my Soundcloud

The new track's called "Watching Airships" and is part of the Better Than The Book Project which I'll hopefully finish by the end of the year. Track 4 is almost done too so that should be up soon! This track is influenced heavily by a book I wrote called "Adolescence" which can be bought here if you want to check it out (there's a preview too!)

Also, I finally got myself into a band (playing bass and backing vocals). They're called Lights Camera Attraction (LCA) and can be heard at their soundcloud. The guitarist and vocalist also have an amazing side project called Fingerpaint with a freakin amazing acoustic album which can be purchased at Bandcamp. You can listen to the whole thing there as well. These guys are freakin awesome!

Lastly, I finally signed up to Twitter if anyone's interested in hearing what i'm up to and how various projects are progressing. There's gonna be music to come and LCA will be gigging again soon

phew... long post!

NEways; enjoy!

New Track "Watching Airships", new band and a book!

Hello, World! I bring music :3

2012-11-07 19:48:39 by Jabun

Well, after laying dormant for years admiring everyone here I figured I'd get more involved with the Newgrounds community!
The name's Jabun or HurpADervish depending on where you're looking for me, but primarily, my business is music! I'd love to try some voice acting too : D I plan to upload some more stuff to newgrounds soon but for now, Most of my work is on soundcloud. I like Rock 'n' stuff and do cinematic things as well. I love SOUND!

Well lets start you off with a recent track called "Sonnet For A Spider Girl"

Peace, Guys. I hope to get along with you all : D

Hello, World! I bring music :3