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New Track "Mayhem Market"! Soundtracky Stuff XD

2013-02-22 10:47:11 by Jabun

Yo Peeps!

I was in a very soundtracky mood this week so here's an acousticy orchetral piece I whipped up called Mayhem Market. Imagine playfully racing through a crowed fantasy market with a good friend, rival or the love of your life, perhaps being chased by some half-wit bad guys or the fuzz! If I could do this as my job, I would be sooo happy XD

NEway's I hope you guy's enjoy it and please support me in the AVID competition I mentioned in my last post.

Hopefully I'll get round to a mass upload to Newgrounds audio portal at some point. I'll buzz you guys when I do, I've got LOADS I need to upload XD.


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