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It's not technically my own music but here's some fantastic news today from World Beyond as our new collaborative alternative metal album "Nobody Asked For This So I Did It" is released!

It's been one heck of a journey being a part of this, and having played lead guitar, acoustic guitar and bass in some combination on 21 out of the 22 tracks of this project, as well as countless hours of listening and consultation on the production, it's undoubtedly been not only the biggest musical collaboration I've done with World Beyond, but my biggest musical collaboration to date EVER! A huge thanks to my musical genius friend of almost 6 years now, Vladimir Kuznetsov (who I met here on NG back in 2013) for having me on board with the project and being my go-to 2nd set of ears on my own music throughout the years! I think that's all I wanted to say about it, but here's an official press release statement about the project from the main man himself, Vladimir Kuznetsov! Congrats on the release my friend, and looking forward to the next collaboration already!

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Nicholas Standing present a brand new World Beyond album "Nobody Asked For This So I Did It".
For the past 2 years we've been working on a new release, an album which draws inspiration from the music we listened to during our high school and university years. From the early 2000s to this day, the alternative and metal music genres have been a major part of both our lives. They were always there for us when we needed them, countless songs by badass bands and artists within reach right in our pockets. They empowered and encouraged us, helped us deal with pain and hardships, they were a way to vent and a way to find out there were people in this world like us, with thoughts and feelings we could relate to. And today we want to bring you a soundtrack for the reality you are living, no matter where you are in life, if you ever feel like nobody cares what you do or who you are. As you put your headphones on, we want you to have something to carry with you, and to tune into whenever you most need it. We want you to feel confident; we want you to feel strong.

"Nobody Asked For This So I Did It"

Heavy Rock Delivery Ready For Pickup

01 Not the Beginning
02 Alternative Route Advised
03 Driving Force
04 From Under the Rock
05 Over the Ridge

06 Rock Hauler
07 Diesel Heart
08 Bulletproof
09 Resonator
10 Waterline

11 Because We Can
12 Riffs Explode
13 Rally
14 Where Fires Burn Bright
15 Renegade Radio

16 Nickel and Dime
17 Heavy Duty
18 Dawnbreaker
19 Revolt
20 Awaken the Giant
21 Not the End

22 Rewind Machine

Released December 1, 2018
Lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass by Nicholas Standing
Additional vocals by Marica Vilibic (Revolt)
Written and produced by Vladimir Kuznetsov
Special thanks to: Speeder for his support in making and promoting this album, Marica Vilibic for lending her incredible voice for Revolt and everyone who bought our music in the past making this project possible.

"Nobody Asked For This So I Did It" is available now on Bandcamp and will be coming to iTunes and other major digital distributors soon! In the mean time, you can stream the tracks on Bandcamp! I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, go send Vlad some love and share the album with your friends! Rock on!



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