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New Chillstep Track "Apollo", also, collabs hopefully coming soon!

2013-03-09 06:51:01 by Jabun

Title says it all. Now that I've figured out the audio submission thingy on newgrounds, I'll be uploading more often. This latest track is a chillstep one called "Apollo". It's my first electronic track with my own vocals in it. Enjoy! (Btw, youtube's being a bitch atm. Is it a compliment that they need me to prove this is my own work?)


Also, it seems i've been invited to do a few collabs with newgrounds! More info on that as it unfolds.

Finally, I got round to redesigning my Jabun Ambigram. Whatdoyallthink?

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New Chillstep Track "Apollo", also, collabs hopefully coming soon!


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2013-03-09 09:48:26

Will check em out for sure

Jabun responds:

Wooo I hope you like it all XD