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Hehe, you never cease to make me chuckle XD

Well... that was horrific XD Well done, Sir. Well done!

Great work, Hikarian. I love your art style and I thought the animation really captured the feelings in the character(s) well. Amazing job with the music, Matthew. Blown away! I really hope you guys win this thing! You both are amazing at what you do and super talented :D

All the stars XD

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Fantastic to be a part of this and hope everyone else enjoys it. Congrats on the release!

Cyberdevil responds:

Happy you had the time to! Wouldn't have been half as good without either of those parts you played here! :) Thank you!

Great finale to an all-stops-out month! Loving the triplet flow and singing parts and larrynachos made a great beat! Looking forward to next year already :D Great stuff guys and keep it up!

Cyberdevil responds:

You're probably really hearing the different nuances on those layers hmm, though it's actually quadruple with the hooks in particular. :) Curious how differently you'd gone about those! Thanks for checking in again; glad you enjoyed this! Here's hoping we get one in next year too!

Dang CD... this was unexpected and incredibly emotional. Really powerful stuff! I'd love to see a full production version of this with a full beat etc... I think that'd be aweinspiring. Keep up the great stuff! Been catching up on all the other inktobers too :) Lots of gold this year :D

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad it resonated. :) I'm getting a bit distracted by the not all that transient hook transitions and that 'vilest place' bit each time I listen now but do like how the vibe turned out overall... nice to change the pace a bit too. Full production would be pretty awesome, though wonder if the vibe would change with a consistent beat! Thank you! Always appreciate these comments too. ;)

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The final cover turned out great! Well done on the mixtape release and putting this together. I think you got the best ballance between all those draft covers you sent in the end too :) This one's the best so far!

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad you think so too! Finally felt like everything fell into place when I tried this, both style and placement, usually it feels like text is the easy part of a cover but somehow just didn't feel right with this one, or with anything I tried in that seemingly so suitable empty upper left area.

Thanks for reviewing; thanks again!

Been a while since I've seen you here and really nice art as always :D Hope life's treating you well :)

Dieseling responds:

It's been pretty crazy, I've gotten married and I've had 2 kids. Life has been a blast and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I check on here every once in awhile and I'm glad to see you're still doing music. I really dig some of your new tunes!

Happy Halloween CD! A lovely end to the inktober2018 series (I especially liked the reflections in this one) with a chill verse to accompany it :D I gotta go catch up on the rest!

Cyberdevil responds:

Happy Halloween to you too Jabun (was about to mimic the style and go with JB but that's another artist so...)! Glad you liked it; thanks for stopping by!

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