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Honoured to be part of this! I think the whole team really pulled all the stops out for this one :)

Hehe, you never cease to make me chuckle XD

Well... that was horrific XD Well done, Sir. Well done!

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Lovely grimey bass! Keep it up FoD :D

Father-of-Death responds:

thank you! I will always make music, it's in my bonesssssssss


Thanks so much for having me on the show! Hope people enjoy my ramblings XD

Aalasteir responds:

Thank you so much, you are an amazing musician!

Great to be part of this and an honour to have been invited to be part of the team :) I think everyone brought their A game to this one! Thanks for having me :D

Cyberdevil responds:

An honor to have you on it man. :) That y'all did! Thank you!

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Didn't realise you were doing the full INK part of INKtober too :D Been fun catching up with all 31 of these! An unexpectived surprise and creative as always! Especially liked the "X8" dates with the infinity variations! Excuse the summarised review on this final one! Wondering what's next from CD! Keep up the great stuff!

Cyberdevil responds:

Indeed, both this and miniature bonus acapellas each day, as last year, three's the charm. ;) Though can't say this is where most of my energy or inspiration's been going, or that I've managed all on as consistent a basis... I missed not doing any doodles last year though. Felt like I had to get back to this too. Even if it's simpler stuff.

Really liked how those eights evolved too! First one wasn't much but: after that.

No worries at all, you've reviewed plenty! More than any other mere mortal this year! :D Appreciate the sticking along for the ride and thanks for stopping by here too!

Hope great stuff awaits for the both of us!

The final cover turned out great! Well done on the mixtape release and putting this together. I think you got the best ballance between all those draft covers you sent in the end too :) This one's the best so far!

Cyberdevil responds:

Glad you think so too! Finally felt like everything fell into place when I tried this, both style and placement, usually it feels like text is the easy part of a cover but somehow just didn't feel right with this one, or with anything I tried in that seemingly so suitable empty upper left area.

Thanks for reviewing; thanks again!

Been a while since I've seen you here and really nice art as always :D Hope life's treating you well :)

Dieseling responds:

It's been pretty crazy, I've gotten married and I've had 2 kids. Life has been a blast and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I check on here every once in awhile and I'm glad to see you're still doing music. I really dig some of your new tunes!

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