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Hehe, you never cease to make me chuckle XD

Well... that was horrific XD Well done, Sir. Well done!

Great work, Hikarian. I love your art style and I thought the animation really captured the feelings in the character(s) well. Amazing job with the music, Matthew. Blown away! I really hope you guys win this thing! You both are amazing at what you do and super talented :D

All the stars XD

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Great sound design, and the mix sounded sweet too. Apart from possibly being longer with some more variation, the only thing I can think of which could improve the arrangement is during the drop to add a sine (possibly triangle) wave sub-bass doubling the high lead melody a few 8ves down so that the track doesn't lose its bass presence when the growls aren't there and keeps the sub energy high throughout the drop. That's the only thing which felt missing to me. Other than that I think it's golden! Great work!

Spline-1337 responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I will take into account all your wishes in my EP album, which will be released soon

Amazing and beautiful vocals and composition! I can really feel the emotion in this! Looking into the mixing, one thing you could do to improve is to have less bass frequencies on the bass guitar which comes in at 1:04. The subs/lows on that float a bit too high above the rest of the mix, but other than that I thought the piece was awesome. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to hearing more :)

Dayam! I seem to have missed all these acapellas last year! Great work sir! Reminds me a lot of the Strange Music stuff you've sent me. iMayday! Perhaps :D

Cyberdevil responds:

Never too late to catch up! ;) Thanks man, some iMayday! inspiration there may very well be, though can't say I'm on their level of masterful melodic wordplay quite yet!

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You really outdid yourself with this one, Nathan :D Those backgrounds look like they could be ripped straight from BotW and Zelda looks super great and Ghibli-esq in her design here too. Great job!

Happy Halloween CD! A lovely end to the inktober2018 series (I especially liked the reflections in this one) with a chill verse to accompany it :D I gotta go catch up on the rest!

Cyberdevil responds:

Happy Halloween to you too Jabun (was about to mimic the style and go with JB but that's another artist so...)! Glad you liked it; thanks for stopping by!

This is super cool! I especially like the slight sketchiness / blur which adds to the sense of motion, especially in the arms. The lighting is super nice too. It looks as if it was lit by a fire to the the right hand side of the picture. Keep up the great work :)

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