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Better Than The Book's new album "Hopes and Dreams" out + Patreon rewards have been sent out!

Posted by Jabun - July 19th, 2019

Hello fellow ska-punks, rockers and headbangers!


The time has finally come and I cannot tell you how excited I am today to announce that Better Than The Book's 2nd full-length album "Hopes and Dreams" has finally been released! You can check out the teaser / launch video (featuring track 01 "The Hardest Part") as well as listen to the full Hopes and Dreams album, pick up a copy, and see the full album credits and special thanks on Bandcamp via the links below! I hope you enjoy it all!






Or get even more from Better Than The Book when you become a patron for as little as $1 a month today, and boy is there a lot to share this time! With such a big event as this album launch, all patrons will be receiving:


1)     A full download of the brand new Better Than The Book - Hopes and Dreams album in mp3 and WAV format as well as high resolution album art ($1 Patrons will only receive the mp3s and artwork, not the WAVs)


2)     A selection of high resolution photos from the press shoot for the album, including photos used for the album's press releases and marketing campaign


3)     High resolution lyric sheets for the album


4)     A behind the scenes studio photo and story from the Hopes and Dreams album production


Not only that, but I'm once again hosting a Patreon exclusive Ask Me Anything / Q & A session to celebrate the album's launch! Hope to hear some interesting questions from you all!


And remember that on top of all that when you sign up, you'll gain access to the entire history of rewards for your tier including the complete Better Than The Book discography (including the One Small Step EP and Two Years On albums) + many Patreon exclusive bonus tracks and more! If you're a $10+ patron too, then you'll have access to the entire series of monthly behind the scenes and demo posts too! There's never been a better time to sign up to Patreon than today! 




And that wraps things up for this post which was the final post for the Hopes and Dreams album launch period! I hope you've enjoyed this journey over the past few months and with the Hopes and Dreams album finally out, I think it's time for a well earned break! What’s next for BTTB? Who can say for sure but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of stuff to share over the next few months, and I’ll be sharing new tracks from the album weekly here on Newgrounds until mid September too! Until the next post I hope you enjoy all the new music and extra rewards and I want to express my biggest thanks to all the patrons and readers for supporting Better Than The Book and the Hopes and Dreams album, and my various other music projects! Hope to see you over on the Patreon Q & A post, and until next time, take care :)


All the best and keep those horns blaring,



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