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HUGE NEWS: Better Than The Book will be making its BBC Radio debut Today (Wednesday 23rd) at 7-9pm BST!

Posted by Jabun - October 23rd, 2019

HUGE NEWS to share with you today and hope you're having an excellent week so far!

Today Wednesday 23rd at 7-9pm BST, Better Than The Book will be making its BBC Radio debut on "BBC Introducing: The South"! Super exciting times! Check out the BBC's Facebook post below for all the juicy details of how you can listen in and take part on Twitter, Facebook and more, and I can't wait to tune into the show tonight:


And as quoted from the post above, you can listen in and take part via the various methods below!

BBC Introducing: The South, 7-9pm Wednesdays

BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey, BBC Sounds app & DAB

Listen in Brighton on 95.3 FM

Listen in Sussex & Surrey 104-104.8 FM

Listen globally online via the BBC Sounds App

Text in during the show (you need to start texts with the word ‘radio’) on 81333 (normal rates apply)

Twitter/ Instagram/ facebook: @BBCIntroSouth

In case you can't make it for the LIVE broadcast, the episode will also be available for a month on the BBC Sounds app and at www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7kh too! With the track they'll be playing (which I'll leave as a surprise), that'll be 7/10 tracks from the Hopes and Dreams album to have been featured on the radio worldwide so far! That's crazy to me!

If you've still yet to hear the album, it's available in all the usual places as well as on Bandcamp, and of course you can pick it up on Patreon along with the rest of the BTTB discography and more when you sign up for as little as $1 a month. Hope you enjoy it!



That wraps up this post! Hope you're able to tune in tonight and I can't wait to listen in LIVE! I'll be making more posts about this on Facebook and Twitter today and on Thursday after the broadcast too, so feel free to head to those various places for the latest news and updates! Until the next one, hope you have a great rest of the week, hope you can join in tonight and thanks as always for supporting Better Than The Book and my various projects here on NG! Take care!



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Truly awesome.

Cheers CD :D

Amazing show on BBC Music Introducing: The South (BBC Sussex / BBC Surrey) last night! Thanks so much for playing "Get A Haircut" and for all the kind words, tweets and more! For anyone who missed Better Than The Book's BBC Radio debut, you can catch the show again on the BBC Sounds App / website for the next month! Check it out:


And if you want to hear more from the new "Hopes and Dreams" album, check it out on Bandcamp, here on Newgrounds and in all the usual digital places!