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Video clip of Cathode Ray Days + the $5+ Patreon rewards are out: Jabun - Home + more exclusive demos for the $10+ patrons!

Posted by Jabun - February 26th, 2020

A mini rehearsal video clip of "Cathode Ray Days" + the $5+ rewards have been sent out: Jabun - "Home" + another exclusive demo from Jabun's upcoming 2nd album for the $10+ patrons!

Hi everyone and hope you're having a great final week of February! Another LIVE video clip to share with you today, this time from a mini Better Than The Book rehearsal in January 2020! This time we’re playing "Cathode Ray Days" from the Two Years On album and the main purpose of this practice was to go over vocal harmonies, of which Cathode Ray Days has a lovely 3 part section in the 2nd verse! Hope you enjoy this more intimate practice and check out the video below!



Nick Standing: Composer, Guitar + lead vocals

Eamon Standing: Harmonica + backing vocals

Sam Brown: Bass + backing vocals

Andy Forman: Drumsticks + sofa


"Cathode Ray Days" and the rest of the Two Years On album are available on all major digital distributors as well as the Better Than The Book Bandcamp page:




Or of course you can pick them up if you haven't already when you become a supporter on Patreon! Easy peasy with a side serving of the full Better Than The Book discography and more when you sign up, and with the project going live, we could use all the support we can get to push it as far as possible! Another set of $5 rewards was just posted this morning too so come join the community (more on that in a moment):




Just 4 more of these videos to come over the next month, and next time we’re moving from short clips to some full song play-throughs from the first LIVE and loud rehearsal session! Subscribe to the BTTB YouTube channel to get them fresh off the press, and I'll see you next week for another one!

And onto those $5+ Patreon rewards, it's the final Wednesday of the month which means another set of reward posts for the $5 and $10 patrons are out, and this time we have the next track from Jabun's discography and the only one to be released in 2014: Home!  

Read more: https://www.patreon.com/posts/33331415

$5 rewards: https://www.patreon.com/posts/33331411

$10 rewards: https://www.patreon.com/posts/33331409

Home is another track which holds a special place in my heart as I wrote and released it in the weeks coming up to Eva and I's 1st anniversary. It's a wonderful expression of the amalgamations of my musical history and various influences, piano combining with full orchestra and many synths, a parallel to the wonderful new life I'd discovered over the past year (excuse the soppiness)! The main plucky synth was a Moog Prodigy emulator, the Prodigy (synth) being probably my all-time favourite mono-synth and my go-to for all my analogue mono-synth sounds even to this day. Amazingly enough, on our first anniversary, Eva and I went to London where we first confessed our feelings and I found and played on a REAL vintage Moog Prodigy on Denmark Street! Home was my first track as Jabun to be given a Front Page award here on Newgrounds, and as with its predecessor Distance would go on to be remastered for the 2017 Jabun album: Daydream! I hope you enjoy Home:

For those of you interested too, the artwork for Home was based around a picture my mum took in the back garden of our family home in Sussex, UK! Thanks for letting me use the photo, Ma!

For the $10 patrons, you've got another exclusive demo from Jabun's upcoming 2nd album to look forward to as well as an article on the composition/production process for it! Become a $10 patron to access that article and many more now, and remember that you'll gain access to all historic rewards and posts for your Patreon tier too when you become a supporter! With the new REWARD ARCHIVE tag it's never been easier to catch up with all those posts and music downloads you've missed too! I hope you enjoy them :) 


That's it for this month's rewards and today's update! There aren't any 2015 Jabun tracks to share, so next time we'll be moving onto the 2016 Jabun discography, or perhaps something entirely different, or maybe even both; I've not quite decided yet, and I'll be back this time next week with the first of the full song LIVE rehearsal videos too as well as the $1 Patreon rewards! Whatever the case I hope you have an excellent time whatever you're up to until then and thanks as always for supporting Better Than the Book, Jabun and my various projects here onPNewgrounds! Take care and enjoy the tunes :)