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Update: PayPal Tip Jar + Better Than The Book's "Brighton" featured again on The Ska Show with Beefy!

Posted by Jabun - April 6th, 2020

Update: PayPal Tip Jar + Better Than The Book's "Brighton" featured again on The Ska Show with Beefy (alongside Less Than Jake too)!!

Hi everyone and hope you're having a great start to April so far (despite all that's going on in the world). Just a couple of quick updates to share with you today:

First of all, after much consideration and suggestions from various social media platforms due to the corona virus disruptions over the last month or so, I've decided to set up a PayPal tip jar for anyone who wants to throw some spare PayPal pennies my way, especially during this crazy time.


I realise that while Patreon is a great platform for people who want to support my music on a regular basis, many people aren't in that position to do so, and since I try to keep as much of my music as possible free to listen to for everyone on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and of course Newgrounds, there's not much incentive these days for people to actually buy digital downloads anymore (a huge thank you to everyone who does though)! With this being the case, I thought setting up a separate PayPal tip jar would be a good alternative for those who want to support my music with one-off tips or the occasional support without the commitment of Patreon, or simply buying the same digital album over and over again. If Newgrounds (etc...) is my busking street, think of this tip jar as my open guitar case for your spare change. Every little bit makes a difference!


With the UK on lock down at the moment, all I can really do is make more music, so you can bet that I'll be working on a whole plethora of new tunes for the foreseeable future (and more intensely than usual)! If you're enjoying the music and have some pennies you won't miss (whether a Patreon supporter already or not), feel free to send them my way via the new PayPal Tip Jar below:




Next and lastly for this post, some super cool news to share as Better Than The Book's "Brighton" was back on The Ska Show with Beefy this week playing alongside Less Than Jake's "The Science of Selling Yourself Short" (a track I requested for the show and one of my all time favourites)! Thanks for sharing the tunes and the lovely shout out, Beefy!

Check out the replay of the show below: Less Than Jake is on at -37:03 followed by a lovely shout out, then "Brighton", then more tunes and another shout out!


And check out the full playlist for the show below! Lots of great stuff this week! 


Remember you can grab "Brighton" and the rest of the Hopes and Dreams album in all the usual digital places including the Better Than The Book Bandcamp page:


Or grab the full BTTB discography, bonus tracks and all when you become a supporter on Patreon if that’s your jam. Next set of rewards will be on April 24th (my 30th birthday) including 2 new Patreon exclusive bonus tracks! Hope to see you then!


And that about wraps up this post. Thanks as always for supporting Better Than The Book and my various music projects in all the ways you can, many thanks for listening, and I can't wait to take Better Than The Book live once this corona virus thing is all over! Stay safe and sensible!