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More $5+ Patreon rewards: Jabun's Daydream album + a sneak peek at next year's album for the $10 patrons!

Posted by Jabun - 3 weeks ago

$5+ rewards are out: Jabun's Daydream album (Mp3s, WAVs, Art + a behind the scenes photo) + an exclusive sneak peek at next year's 3rd Jabun album for the $10 patrons!

Hi everyone and hope you've had a great September! It's the final Wednesday of the month which means I've just sent out the $5 and $10 Patreon rewards and this time we've reached the final piece in Jabun's discography (so far), Jabun's 2017 debut full-length album Daydream!

After releasing Distance and Home in 2013 and 2014 respectively (which would be remastered for the Daydream album in 2017), I started formally working on the album which would become Daydream in summer 2016. After the high energy ska punk adventure that was Better Than The Book's Two Years On (released February 2016) and having just moved away from my parents to the seaside town of Herne Bay with Eva, I was ready to explore some experimental and chill vibes as Jabun once again from that makeshift IKEA coffee table studio which I've mentioned in past posts. Shortly before the move I'd bought myself a Yamaha Reface CP mobile keyboard which is basically a truckload of vintage electric pianos and effects in a 3 octave portable package and would be the most valuable player in much of my Jabun music to come! Along with my mpc1000, sm58 microphone and a few synths, I put together a lot of that album throughout the rest of the year, firstly from the floor of our Herne Bay flat, then later from my first purpose organised studio room in Margate. A photo of the Margate beach at sunset would become the cover for the album which was released on May 4th 2017, a heartwarming, chill journey which would be featured in many online zines / blogs, on YouTube music channels, and even a game on Newgrounds (along with some Newgrounds awards)! It's an album I hold close to heart and brings me back to those days living by the sea!

Included in the reward download packages are the full 10 track 43+ minute album (Mp3s and WAVs), album art and alternative album art, and a picture from day 1 of recording, my equipment spread out on the floor after recording track 07 Palindrome! I hope you enjoy Daydream!


01 Dreaming (Parts I - III)

02 Morning

03 The Grind

04 Distance

05 Daydream


06 Anxiety

07 Palindrome

08 Home

09 Evening

10 Dreaming (Parts IV - VI)

Listen to Daydream on Bandcamp:


For the $10+ patrons, you've also got an exclusive sneak peek at next year's 3rd Jabun album to look forward to! Become a $10 patron to access that and many more rewards now, and remember that you'll gain access to all historic rewards and posts for your Patreon tier too when you become a supporter including the full Better Than The Book and Jabun discographies and much more! With the REWARD ARCHIVE tag it's never been easier to catch up with all those posts and music downloads you've missed too! I hope you enjoy them!

$5 rewards: https://www.patreon.com/posts/40080123

$10 rewards: https://www.patreon.com/posts/40080119

Find out more: https://www.patreon.com/NickStanding

That's it for this post! With Daydream finally out to the patrons, that's the entire Jabun discography available on Patreon now! As such I'll be taking a short break to finalise things ready to announce Jabun's 2nd album in November, and you can bet that there'll be a tonne of Patreon rewards to celebrate that! Until then, I hope you enjoy all the music and thanks as always for supporting Jabun, Better Than The Book and my various projects on Patreon! All the best, take care, and I can't wait to show you Jabun's brand new 2nd album next time! Look forward to it!