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Jabun's 3rd album "Generation Supernova" has been released + Patreon rewards are out in celebration!

Posted by Jabun - 3 weeks ago

Jabun's 3rd album "Generation Supernova" has been released! Patreon rewards are out in celebration + an exclusive unused unreleased demo from the writing sessions for Better Than The Book's upcoming 3rd album for the $10+ patrons!

Hi everyone and hope you’re having a great April so far! Today I’m super excited to finally release my 3rd album as Jabun – Generation Supernova! Check out the album teaser video below:


(Featured music: “Deep Space” – Jabun)

The album preview on SoundCloud featuring all 4 tracks:


And listen to and pick up Jabun’s Generation Supernova album now on Bandcamp:


Generation Supernova is a 37+ minute collection of 4 tracks exploring generative music methods in the studio. Each track utilises a carefully designed system set up to generate a never-repeating and ever evolving soundscape which was conducted and guided to build an emotional and developing journey from the first note to the last.


Track 01 – Supernova utilises 2 short free-time recordings of Rhodes piano performances which were then duplicated and layered playing at different harmonic and sub-harmonic pitches/speeds either forwards, backwards, or bouncing between both, with some added echo for extra ambience and polyrhythms. Each layer was faded in or out to build and reduce the intensity of the composition throughout its duration. The title Supernova was chosen to reflect the feelings this track brings to me, a great expansive explosion of sounds gradually fading out much like the astronomical phenomenon; beauty with hints of sadness, and later something else.

Track 02 – Deep Space utilises 2 random arpeggiators each given a set of notes to choose from and told to play a note at a consistent regular interval, the first once per quarter note (at 100 BPM) and the second, once per second (60 BPM), along with a randomly triggered note-repeater leading to more interesting polyrhythms. Beneath this is a short free-time performance which was then duplicated, reversed and played back at 2 (sub)-harmonic pitches/speeds. The piece develops with an improvised synth melody (later returning in reverse) as well as a programmed drum machine performance. Unlike the warmth of Supernova, Deep Space feels cold and isolated to me, the persistent ticking of time, that feeling of drifting perhaps aimlessly reflected in the improvised synth and its subsequent return. Nevertheless, the regular beat of the drums keep marching on.

Track 03 – Turing Machine utilises 4 evolving sequences generated using an initial input fed into a deck of cards and a coin flip acting as a very basic modular synth style Turing Machine. You can see the original handwritten manuscript including the sequences, generation rules, and more in this album’s bonus materials. These 4 generated sequences were then arranged for synthesizers to create an intensely building track accompanied by multiple layers of random arpeggiated heavily distorted electronic drums/percussion, additional orchestral and electronic percussion, as well as a carefully arranged string orchestration developing on one of the Turing Machine sequences for added harmonies and tension. The hypnotic and minimalistic atmosphere of Turing Machine reflects the relentless and driving inorganic computations and calculations I’d expect from a complex machine, and being based around a Turing Machine inspired set-up, the title seemed rather appropriate.

Track 04 – Voyagers utilises 2 instances of an 8 note looping sequence, the first consisting of 32 steps, and the second only using 31 steps (shortening the final note), resulting in a gradually phase shifting relationship between them throughout the piece in a similar way to Steve Reich’s Piano Phase. These sequences were then arranged for string orchestra and pipe organ on opposite sides of the stereo field, gradually building the piece by adding additional instruments and layers at harmonic/sub-harmonic pitches as well as additional glitching sounds using randomised arpeggiators, another set of phasing sequences for synthesizer, and additional percussion. The two phasing sequences which form the basis of the track, I like to think of as representing the twin Voyager space probes launched to explore interstellar space, each on their own undoubtedly lonely, but unfathomably awe-inspiring journeys into the unknown. Even as they explore further than humans might ever reach physically, no matter how far apart they drift, they’ll always be connected by their origin on our small blue planet.


Generation Supernova was a fun and rewarding exploration into generative music methods, with each piece very much the result of the unexpected fruits of conducted chaotic experiments in the studio, much like the 15-4-20 album. Whether you sit down to listen intently, have it on in the background while doing something else, or simply immerse yourself in the sounds, I hope you enjoy these semi-ambient, generative experimental soundscapes, from the strange early months of 2020.

In case you’ve not seen them yet, you can also check out the full album credits, special thanks and descriptions on the Jabun – Generation Supernova Bandcamp page! Read more below and I hope you have fun exploring:


All tracks written, performed and produced by Nick Standing [Jabun]

Recorded, mixed and mastered at JabunAudio by Nick Standing [Jabun]

Album artwork, images and photography by Nick Standing [Jabun]

In celebration of Generation Supernova’s release, there’s whole handful of rewards for my supporters on Patreon!

For the $1 patrons, you’ve got the full mp3 album and artwork including alternative album covers, the original unedited album cover photo, and a high resolution scan of the original handwritten Turing Machine Generation Manuscript! Pick it up below:

$1 rewards: https://www.patreon.com/posts/46779681/

For the $5 & $10 patrons, you’ve got all that + the highest CD quality WAV files for all 4 tracks! For the $10 patrons, you’ll also be getting an exclusive unused unreleased demo from the writing sessions for Better Than The Book's upcoming 3rd album! Check out the rewards below:

$5 rewards: https://www.patreon.com/posts/46779658/

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If any of that sounds good to you, then become a patron today for as little as $1 a month and remember that you’ll be also getting access to all past rewards for your tier including the full Better Than The Book and Jabun discographies, many Patreon exclusive bonus tracks and more! I hope to see you there!

Become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/NickStanding

Explore past rewards: https://www.patreon.com/posts/44575319

And that’s it for this post and set of rewards! Now that Jabun’s Generation Supernova album is out, I’ll be uploading tracks from the album to YouTube and Newgrounds each Wednesday until mid May, and no doubt be sharing other things in the mean time too! With such a big release, I’ll also be taking a short break from rewards to update the Patreon REWARD ARCHIVE posts again, but I’ll be back with new rewards for the $5 & $10 patrons on the final Wednesday of May, and the first Wednesday of June for the $1 patrons! Until then I hope you have a great month ahead and enjoy the new music, and thanks as always for supporting Jabun, Better Than The Book and my various projects! More music to come soon! All the best, and take care!