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A new World Beyond music video, progress on Better Than The Book Horn arrangements, a new WIP demo from BTTB on Patreon!

Posted by Jabun - August 1st, 2022

August 2022 blog post: A new World Beyond music video, progress on Better Than The Book Horn arrangements, a new WIP studio demo from BTTB for the $10 Patrons + setting and reflecting on goals.!

Hi everyone and hope you've had a great July and stayed cool during this crazy hot weather! Since all my personal backcatalogue has been uploaded now, this'll be the first regular monthly blog post without any Patreon reward downloads (unless you're a $10 patron), but I'm thinking this area's looking a bit empty so let's see if I can muster up something else to share in the near future while you're waiting for the next big project release from Better Than The Book or Jabun (at least for the Patreon supporters)!

In the mean time it's onto monthly updates, and it's been an intensely busy few weeks spent on a super exciting mystery collaborative project I'm still not sure if I can talk about yet. Only a few months until release time though so there'll be something to share on that very soon (and it's one of the biggest projects I've worked on yet). Meanwhile, I managed to find some free time in between heaving mixing sessions to continue arranging horns for the upcoming Better Than The Book album projects, and so 3 more horn parts are finished and only 4 are left to go! Slow progress but progress nonetheless and I'm super pleased with the way it's sounding at least!

Meanwhile, Vlad from World Beyond has released an amazing "short (but not really)" animated music video for our work together on the Nobody Asked For This So I Did It album! The new video shares the lore behind World Beyond's fictional storytelling with a super nicely put together hybrid animation and really showcases Vlad's creativity in the visual arts, storytelling, and of course music! You'll hear me pounding along on bass and lead guitar as usual too. Check out the new music video below and hope you enjoy it!


Finally it's time to set and reflect on some goals and last time I set just one goal, to finish the BTTB horn arrangements for the upcoming album projects (7 tracks total). It's been a super busy month with other production work, so as mentioned above I only managed to complete 3 out of the 7 left. With another busy month set for August, I'll just continue this goal as best I can and try to finish off those final 4 horn parts if and when I can. Wish me luck and hope you have a productive month too!

That's it for this month unless you're a $10 patron in which case you have a new Better Than The Book demo to listen to! It's looking to be another super busy month ahead but until next time, hope you all have a great time and thanks for supporting my music however you can and especially on Patreon! All the best and take care!

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