Entry #1

Hello, World! I bring music :3

2012-11-07 19:48:39 by Jabun

Well, after laying dormant for years admiring everyone here I figured I'd get more involved with the Newgrounds community!
The name's Jabun or HurpADervish depending on where you're looking for me, but primarily, my business is music! I'd love to try some voice acting too : D I plan to upload some more stuff to newgrounds soon but for now, Most of my work is on soundcloud. I like Rock 'n' stuff and do cinematic things as well. I love SOUND!

Well lets start you off with a recent track called "Sonnet For A Spider Girl"

Peace, Guys. I hope to get along with you all : D

Hello, World! I bring music :3


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2012-11-07 19:49:44

More music is always a good addition to NG


2016-11-01 14:37:18

So this is how it all started. :) Pretty nice first track too, melodic and smooth, and on the still relevant topic of spiders. A much belated welcome to NG Jabun! ;)

Also wonder how the voice acting thing went? Have you acted anything yet?

Jabun responds:

Hehe, that track definitely still holds a place in my heart (excuse the pun ;P) Indeed, I don't think spiders will ever be not relevant XD

HMMMMM well I auditioned for quite a few things back in the day, but the only stuff I've done voices for is children's animations which I also do post-production for on YT. I think 1 of them is up here, but for sure, voice acting is probably not my forte XD


2016-11-02 07:25:12

Maybe we have that alike! I tried out for one random voice acting role a few years ago too but didn't get that spot. The author wanted me to add more emphasis and energy to my lines, though I felt I'd put in plenty. Might have a voice more suitable for more serious roles though... or more probably: don't usually speak with unnatural emphasis. :) Feels like those roles are the most common though. With a little practice though... any role's possible!

Jabun responds:

I think that whether you're a flexible VA or one who has their one main voice, it's all about whether you're the right fit for the role in mind :) I've only really had singing parts and British narration parts, and for sure I can imagine you in a serious noire cop drama for instance :) I wouldn't feel discouraged, and for sure it's all about practice too :)


2016-11-02 15:45:36

I meant for my comment to sound motivating too, but looks like you took over! XD For sure, and very true, well-written. Lettuce both aim for top notch voice actor spots in grand blockbuster knocks like Hot Shots (1991) then! Or whatever greatness it is we watch, from start to finish - imagining ourselves in it. Pioneers of our time: like in our mind Darwin's image. And grow strong, even without farming spinach. Words.

Jabun responds:

Hehe XD No worries! And of course another great adlib verse XD Nice veg too!