New Track "Watching Airships", new band and a book!

2012-11-30 10:14:44 by Jabun

Yo guys! Track 3 from my hopefully soon to come EP is pretty much done and there is some more cinematic stuff on my Soundcloud

The new track's called "Watching Airships" and is part of the Better Than The Book Project which I'll hopefully finish by the end of the year. Track 4 is almost done too so that should be up soon! This track is influenced heavily by a book I wrote called "Adolescence" which can be bought here if you want to check it out (there's a preview too!)

Also, I finally got myself into a band (playing bass and backing vocals). They're called Lights Camera Attraction (LCA) and can be heard at their soundcloud. The guitarist and vocalist also have an amazing side project called Fingerpaint with a freakin amazing acoustic album which can be purchased at Bandcamp. You can listen to the whole thing there as well. These guys are freakin awesome!

Lastly, I finally signed up to Twitter if anyone's interested in hearing what i'm up to and how various projects are progressing. There's gonna be music to come and LCA will be gigging again soon

phew... long post!

NEways; enjoy!

New Track "Watching Airships", new band and a book!


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