Diamond Eyes - Nine Fifteen Remix entry!

2012-12-13 06:52:16 by Jabun

Whoa, busy week! I've just finished my entry to the Diamond Eyes - Nine Fifteen Remix competition on soundcloud! You can take a listen to the other entries and download it here Once the download limit expires, I'll upload it to newgrounds!

Enjoy and as per usual you can check out much more of my stuff on my soundcloud page. If you want to keep up to date on my work and messing around, feel free to follow me on twitter as well : D

Hope to blow some freakin minds XD Peace out!


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2012-12-13 14:47:31

Dang thats so cool! *dances* do u think i could use it :3

Jabun responds:

Sorry for the late reply (Wish newgrounds would bump my usual email!) What do you wanna use it for? For the most part I'd be honoured for someone else to use my work, though there are of course some exceptions. Hehe!