New 8-bit track for Mac13 "Our Adventure", collabs and still time to vote.

2013-03-16 13:03:15 by Jabun

Y hello thar peeps!

Here's a little 8-bit tune I made for the March Monthly Audio Contest. I had alot of fun making it as it's my first original (non-remix) 8-bit song. I hope you guys enjoy it.

On top of this everythings getting pretty busy with regards music work at the moment. I've been working on my first collab with XIIINON, a very talented cinematic composer who buzzed me after I uploaded Mayhem Market. We should have our collab (mostly his) track up soon and there is the great possibily of more tracks to follow. As well as this, I've also got on board with mattuiop to help with an electro house project (It's sounding very tasty). I'll let you know how these go as they progress. It's certainly exciting times at the moment!

Finally, I mentioned in a few of my previous posts, I've entered a competition with Avid and TalentHouse for one of my tracks to be mixed and mastered at Abbey Road studios. If you like any of my tracks either here, or on my soundcloud, feel free to show your support by giving a simple vote here. It only takes a moment, but it'll really mean a lot to me.

Thanks and enjoy "Our Adventure"! There's be more tunes to come soon XD



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