Another collab with XIIINON, "Combat", Cinematic Awesomeness and Heavy guitars! Also sampling FIRE and I'm 23 now : |

2013-04-28 18:20:24 by Jabun


Another cinematic collab with the great xIIInon. This latest track "Combat" was an awesome project to record for, this time busting heavy electric guitar riffs within an orchestral setting. It was great to work with xIIInon again, and it certainly won't be the last of our team efforts! The project gave me some nice practice experimenting with recording methods for heavy guitars and I'll be using similar techniques in the future to rip heavy licks in my other musical endeavours!

Meanwhile, it seems that I turned 23 last week... kinda scary, but I guess it was bound to happen at some point XD. What's set for the future? Well, I've been getting back on the electronic front and spent a good afternoon sampling the sounds of fire last week! A tune has started to weave its way into existence by the name of "Arsonist" so prepare for some (hopefully soon) Nu-metal Orchestral Drumstep (you'll see what I mean XD). SOON!

Anyways take care peeps! I've been tweeting alot recently as well, so If you want the latest updates, that's the best place to find me.

Until next time!



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