A new LC8-bit Adventure and more collabs!

2013-05-10 08:04:49 by Jabun

Yo Peeps!

New track for y'all "You Take The Lift [8-bit]", an 8-bit remix of "You Take The Lift, I'll Take The Stairs" by my band Lights, Camera, Attraction! You can find the original here! Enjoy!

Meanwhile, I've been a little ill as of late and my left ear is kinda blocked which has made production last week next to impossible DX (But it's getting better). Nevertheless I really wanted to do something and 8-bit music is a good way to go when your ears ain't so great.

Meanwhile on the collab front, it looks like some of my music with xIIInon is gonna be animated :D. On top of that, some of my own music has been picked up on by dieseling, a very talented animator, and after a grand skype chat it looks like there'll be a collab to come soon. It's sounding swick!

NEways, take care peeps, and hopefully once my ears have got better, I'll be sending some more hi-fi music your way.


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2013-05-10 15:38:08

Hope the left ear clears OK. I had a bad cold/flu (always confuse those too) last summer and both ears were pretty much blocked for almost a full month. No fun. :/

Jabun responds:

Cheers man. It's much better than it was last week, though it still makes squeaky noises when I blow my nose and I have to keep poking it until it sounds right. Not sure whether it was a cold or hayfever or something (either way not good and no fun DX), but hopefully I'll be all better by next week, or at least better to a point where I can work effectively again :D I'm kinda lucky that it only ever seems to be my left ear. Having both ears blocked sounds horrible DX


2013-05-10 16:38:32

Yeah, lucky! I did start getting a bit scared the ears wouldn't ever clear, or pop from the pressure, but in the end I learned my lesson: take it easy, rest; let it blow over without blowing my nose too much. :P

Jabun responds:

Indeed that's the way it's done :D Take it easy, rest and just wait to make a full recovery XD Good advice :D