Another new soundtracky track "See Ya Later" :D

2013-05-24 11:25:20 by Jabun

Yo peeps,

I made another soundtracky track "See Ya Later". It's really just a rearrangment of "Closing Scene", but I think this gives it a lovely different feel. When I hear this I imagine being in a wooden floor house, early on a sunny summer sunday, tiptoeing tired around the house before making my way outside for a day of adventure. Think something in a Hayao Miyazaki film :D

I've also made a ReverbNation profile if you want to check it out. It links alot of me audio and video stuff which is pretty useful :D

Future? I've kinda messed up my right index finger so stuff's been a little slow this week, but I'm currently working on a new track with xIIInon which should be out soonish. I'm still planning to do yet another arrangement around the Closing Scene / See Ya Later Theme, but we'll see when I get around to working on it :D

Anyways, enjoy the tracks and more news next week :D



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