Free new EP "Crow's Wing Vol. 1"

2013-09-02 15:17:29 by Jabun

Yo Newgrounds :D

Well I FINALLY got permission from my old bandmates to release this EP of revamped recordings, and it's free right here on Newgrounds :D. The EP is a collection of tracks by my first ever band "Crow's Wing" from back when I was 14-18 (long time ago now XD), which were recorded back in 2007-8 and released here on Newgrounds by my brother Mimeo. Now, 5 years later, and with much more experience producing I've gone back to make them sound a little bit more commercially acceptable XD. No new audio was recorded, just a heck of alot of mixing! I hope you guys enjoy it:

Crow's Wing Vol. 1
01 - Black Ice
02 - Free of Routine
03 - Philosophical Moped
04 - Which Way's South

You can also listen to the whole thing as a YouTube Playlist here.

In other news, I should be releasing another children's animation with Ektinkt very soon. Just waiting on the final voices right now, then I can finish the audio and Ektinkt can finish the animation :D It's sure to be Schweeet!

Finally, if you're interested in what I did with my weekend, my brother Eamon did a Vlog on it and posted it to YouTube. I shan't give any spoilers, but lets just say it's a little a-maize-ing ;D Sorry, that was really corny XD. Anyways feel free to check that out here.

Much to do and that I haven't mentioned, but that's all that's important on the update front.

OH! And I found myself a lovely girlfriend ;D

Ciao for niao Newgrounds!



Free new EP "Crow's Wing Vol. 1"


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