New YouTube Channels and new Track "Distance" :D

2013-09-17 08:37:36 by Jabun

Heheh! 2 weeks seems to take ages to roll around!

First thing on the list of updates, I've started up 2 new YouTube channels for my music projects. I figured rather than just having all my mumbo jumbo in one place, I'd separate it out so that people can subscribe to only what they're interested in.

The first channel is for my Ska/poppunk project Better Than The Book. You can check it out at There is also a bandcamp page where you can purchase the One Small Step EP too.

The second channel is for my electronic music project under the name Jabun. You can check that out at I've also made a bandcamp for this page too Unlike Better Than The Book however, most of these tracks are free (as are some on my soundcloud), but I've left you the option of making a donation if you wish to (also you get to chose your preferred format :D). Any money I can make from music goes into fuelling my studio so I can make even better music for you.

If you like the music, please feel free to subscribe or support the projects by downloading the music. It's always a confidence boost to know that people out there are actually listening XD

On that topic, I've also released a new track "Distance" which is available here. It's an ambient track for my girlfriend which sort of came out from my feelings of both the happy and sad parts about being in a long distance relationship (as well as experimenting with new sounds). I'm hoping that downloads for this will help towards the travel costs to see her (or at least that's the idea), so if you like it, please download a copy; it'd mean a lot :D.

In other news, there's been some delays with the latest animation collaboration, but my job on the audio is pretty much done :D. We hope to be releasing it at the end of the month. Hope you peeps like Pirates!

That's about it for news. I hope to be releasing some more music soon, though things are very busy at the moment.

Until next time Newgrounds!


New YouTube Channels and new Track "Distance" :D


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