2013-10-20 09:41:07 by Jabun

It's been a while since I've made a post. Been really busy with various music projects, but it's finally started paying so I'm very grateful for it!

ANYWAYS, Another animation I did the music for has finally been released by my good friend Anthony Houde :D It's another children's animation about Pirates :D Please take a gander and help support our little animation team by purchasing a download if you liked the song :D Here's a YouTube link :D

The Pirate Alphabet

In other news, I should have a cover song coming out soon with one of the voice actresses I'm workiing with Sheila :D Looks to be good fun and it's very nearly done, just waiting for files to mixdown.

Future projects? The Skyreef game is going underway. Should have a trailer out for that soon (The voice sounds amazing XD), and I got a s**tload of music still to write/produce XD. Best get to it. I should also be releasing more animations soon (though a little smaller) with The Pirate Alphabet team too, though it's gonna be nice to have a little break.

Finally! I've been picked up for music for a pokemon parody animation! :D Really looking forward to this, as it'll be another challenge and a change of genre to what I'm used to XD

Loads more stuff going on, but I think that's all I'll say for now XD

Ciao Newgrounds!

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