Some YouTube videos, Updates and news on my band's EP

2014-03-14 10:25:11 by Jabun

Over the last 4 months I've been working on an EP with my band "Lights, Camera, Attraction!" (and producing it). It's been one hellofa ride, but now all the source recordings have been made and all thats left audiowise is the mixdown and mastering. Hopeful ETA for release is end of April / beginning of May, but we'll see. Soon! 

You can find LCA in the usual places: ( and also on bandcamp here: where you can find their first EP (from before I joined) and a load of free tracks :D

While you're waiting for the new EP (which you can keep updated on via the facebook feed!), you can check out my last EP from my solo project "Better Than The Book": If you like it, please help spread the word!

This week, I was clearing out some abandoned collaboration projects, so feel free to check out some YouTube vids which have been sitting on the todo list:

"I Can Talk! [Instrumental]" for my friend and voice artist Sheila M Gagne

And "Mr. Marty Moose" (Theme and Jam) with my friend and animator Anthony Houde 

Hope you enjoy them and hopefully more news and uploads soonish.

Take care Newgrounds! 






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