New Track "Home" and some animations :D

2014-08-10 09:14:53 by Jabun

Yo Newgrounds,

It's been a while, but after 11 months of not having the time to work on my own stuff, I've finally released a new track called "Home". You can listen to it here and there's a download link in the description:

I hope to be making more soon, but freelance work / finding a stable job is still the higher priority... 

With regards other things, I've been working a lot with doing the audio for peoples animations, and released 4(ish) new animations in the last few months with them. 

What is OverkillCoin? A cryptocurrency / altcoin parody

What is PEERCOIN? Is it a Virtual Cryptocurrency Like BITCOIN? (This one was an actual funded advert we were asked to do because of the OverkillCoin video XD)

3 Little Pigs - Dinosaur Retelling - 3 Little Raptors and the Big Bad Rex - Fairy Tale (Because I'm a child at heart)


3 Little Raptors High-Speed Version (Because I REALLY am a child at heart XD)

Finally, the audio for the new LCA EP has been finished for about a month now and preperations are still going on for it's release. Unfortunatly, I've had to call the project a day for personal reasons, but I'll be following the EP to it's release before I head off. We hope to make it public soon.

That's it for today, Newgrounds. I'll be around.







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2014-10-01 03:49:20

Ahh, it's a commercial track! When I read 'download' I was thinking 'free'. How naive of me. :P Explains why it's not here on NG then. It sounds pretty good, warm and clear but also... somewhat monotone, in my honest and hopefully not harsh opinion. Real nice logo btw, twist-able and everything! Like a visual palindrome.

Any idea what flower that is?

Haha, overkill really was overkill! I liked the parody more than the original based on the parody, great typographical work too. Was a bit difficult to hear all being said in The High-Speed Raptor version, but fun stuff otherwise! :D Good sound quality on all of them. Lotsa things in the workings!

Jabun responds:

Sort of commercial... Bandcamp doesn't count as it doesn't require registration of a barcode (which constitutes a chart release), but still you can sell stuff. Warm's what I was going for. I know this kind of music doesn't suit everyone, but it was more for myself and my GF. Coming back home isn't necessarily exciting and you could even call it monotone/mundane sometimes coming back to something you know so well, but it sure is warm :3

Oh! Those visual rotary things are called Ambigrams. I'm not sure what kind of flower it is at all... It was a pretty one from the back garden!

Haha yeah the High-Speed raptor thing was more of a joke the animator sent me but I convinced him to upload it XD I really have no idea what tiny is saying in that one!

Indeed! Busy busy!


2014-10-01 07:29:20

Mmm, true that. Even if it's the place you always want to return to, a reassuring, safe haven in a crazy world... mundane it may be! I guess home sounds different for different people. Oh, when I'm thinking commercial I'm thinking: anything made with the intent of earning. ;)

Ah, there's even a word for it! :D Yeah, I have minimal floral knowledge myself, don't really know why I asked that question. I wonder.


Jabun responds:

True dat on all accounts. I'm not to great with flowers either :D