New website, new EP and new collaborations!

2014-09-22 18:48:52 by Jabun

Yo Newgrounds,

For some reason I can't post up on the front page which is a bummer, but what is a person to do, eh? XD

It's been a busy month! I decided to set up as self-employed and start a business as a freelance audio engineer. Doors are open for commissions so feel free to buzz me about pretty much ANY audio help you need and I'll see what I can do. I specialise in mixing animations, but other stuff and challenges are always welcome. 

I also created a website and set up a Facebook Page. You can find all the details about what I offer and my portfolio there:

In other news, the new Lights, Camera, Attraction! EP "From The Ground Up" is up and out! Please check it out on bandcamp! I think it's some of my best production work yet, and the guys are great musicians :D

Finally, I have some cool collaborations coming up soon. This week I've been recording and producing a new Hip Hop track with Cyberdevil. It should be out by the end of the week! I've also been in talks with Hikarian about mixing her new animation "Tales of Zale". Needless to say, I am megastoked to me working with her and I can't wait to get stuck in! I've already seen some sneak peeks and it looks amazing!

That's all for this time. For weekly updates, check out my website's blog (I post each Saturday). 

Take care Newgrounds!








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