Dinosaur Children's book + Animation Kickstarter :D

2015-03-25 09:48:21 by Jabun

Afternoon Newgrounds!

Big announcement! I've been involved in a kickstarter project doing the music and audio post production for a children's animation with DINOSAURS!!!! 


The animation will be a musical skit about Sharing :D Here's a press release from the animator:

Animator & team seek crowdfunding for children’s animation & book production

BEDFORD, N.H.; March 25, 2015 - Fun Station 4 Kids is a small but rapidly growing children’s education & entertainment channel on Youtube with close to six million views and 4,000+ subscribers. Headed up by freelance animator Anthony Houde, the team now seeks crowdfunding as a means of funding their next animation - and creating a children’s book based thereon.

The theme of the animation/book is sharing and is inspired by real-life events with relatives. The main character is a hilarious T-Rex from past episodes, along with his young family as they introduce the concept of sharing to their audience in this entertaining and informative musical skit composed by UK musician Nick Standing. Voice talents include Sheila M. Gagne and Evan Bremer, both in the Chicago metro area.

The team hopes that a successfully funded project will lead to the opportunity to expand their animation collection and reach a larger audience.

Please share the link with your friends (after all, that's the message of our campaign XD), and if you can, please support our project :D


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