11 Years on NG + a new Track with a free download + more music!

2016-10-04 05:53:13 by Jabun

It's been a while since I posted an update here but be sure I've been working on new material in the mean time! Crazy to think that next week it'll have been 11 YEARS since I first signed up to Newgrounds! Whoa!

Anyway, at the beginning of last month I finished up a new track, my first electronic track as Jabun since 2014. It was remix for a competition and now that the competition is over, I can finally put it up for download :D Horray! Unfortunately, I'll not be able to put it up on Newgrounds as I know we're very strict on 3rd party sampling / copywrites etc..., and with a no strikes policy even with the permissions I've been given, I simply don't want to risk it... (Not worth the hassle). You can however listen and download the track for free on SoundCloud! Feel free to check it out and grab a copy:

In case you don't want to head over to SoundCloud though, I've also got a new track out here on Newgrounds too which you can pick up on bandcamp if you'd like. This track was commissioned by David Klein II for YouTube and is a lovely combination of 2 of the genres which really got me started as Jabun: Chillstep and Chiptune. Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to making more tunes soon!

Buy link: https://jabun.bandcamp.com/track/the-ocean-above

Anyways, that's all for this time! Take care Newgrounds and no doubt I'll be floating around somewhere until the next update. Ciao!


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2016-11-01 14:38:25

Times flies when you're having fun! :D Happy anniversary!

Jabun responds:

Thanks sir! It sure does :D