Two Years On anniversary bonus instrumentals album! (+ discount codes)

2017-02-08 08:38:40 by Jabun

Yo fellow Newgrounders!

Hope you’re having a great week filled with good vibes and awesome music! It's been a while since I last checked in, but some really cool news this week so it felt like a good time for another post! Let's get to it:

This week one year ago, Better Than The Book released its debut full length album, Two Years On, and since then it’s been an amazing adventure for myself and BTTB! We’ve had our first international radio play, our first interviews, and the first use BTTB music in people’s videos, amongst many other cool things. As well as being a pivoting point in my career, both as a musician and as a producer /engineer, Two Years On has also shown me what a difference music can make to people’s lives. When I first released it, I did not expect all the amazing feedback, touching comments and people reaching out that followed shortly afterwards, and I want to thank you all soo much for all of that support!

So exactly one year on I’m releasing a little bonus album to celebrate! It’s been teased a bit on social media, but finally I can unveil the new BTTB bonus album: Two Years On [Instrumentals]. It’s essentially exactly how it sounds: The Two Years On album, but without any vocals (and “Channel Surfing” which pretty much would be a minute of silence without vocals!). As a musician, I really love being able to jam over other people’s tracks, but it’s not too easy to find instrumental versions of a lot of songs, so I thought, it’d be a cool and simple thing to do to celebrate such a great year for Better Than The Book. You can find Two Years On [Instrumentals] on the Better Than The Book Bandcamp page and as with all BTTB, it’s here on Newgrounds for your streaming pleasure! I Hope you enjoy the bonus album and that it satisfies your Ska-punk hunger until the next time I hit the studio!

You can listen to Two Years On [Instrumentals] and the original Two Years On album right here:

or feel free to listen to them track by track via the playlists at the bottom of my profile page!

BUT of course, I’d like to say an even bigger thanks to you all reading this for showing a special interest in BTTB and supporting me directly, and so to express my gratitude, for the whole month of February there’ll be a 20% discount for anything you purchase on the BTTB bandcamp page! Just use the discount code “2YEARSON” and you should be all set, and I hope whichever music you choose gets you motivated and ready to take on the world and spread some inspiration!

That’s about it for this post and hope you enjoy the music. For those of you wondering what’s next for BTTB too, I’ve been gathering ideas for the next album and aim to start production late spring, early summer this year, with the album release at some point in 2018. Before then though, I should be releasing my debut electronic / chill album as Jabun. It's all written and recorded, and just waiting for a final mix, master and getting all that good old admin stuff sorted, so keep you're eyes out for that in the next few months, and in case you can't wait, I'll embed a video teaser of the album at the end of this post! Exciting times certainly, and I’m looking forward to sharing all of that with you soon! Until then though, I hope you have an amazing week, thanks so much for supporting BTTB and my other music projects, and I hope to be back here soon!

All the best and keep those horns blaring,


Better Than The Book / Jabun

Jabun album teaser:

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