New Studio, Demo Reels, Taking commissions and working on a new ska punk album!

2017-07-03 09:13:47 by Jabun

Hello Newgrounds!

I recently moved flats again and finally after 6 weeks of delays and downtime (mainly due to a lack of internet connection), I have a new studio set up and am ready to accept more commissions for music composition and audio production work! To celebrate I've put together a new demo reel here on Newgrounds to show you what I'm made of! Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to working with you soon:

And feel free to listen to my previous demo reels via this playlist here as well. The playlists are here to demostrate mainly my mastering work, but all the tracks featured are composed/written/performed (at least partially), produced and mixed by myself too so it gives a good scope of what I'm capable of in these areas as well. If you're at all interested in working with me, please send a message either here on Newgrounds or via the contact form on my website, and we can get started on making your productions sounding the way they were meant to be heard!

In other news, while I've been unable to access the internet and/or do any remote work, I've been back again working on my ska punk project Better Than The Book and a brand new album. Production so far is only in the writing and demo stages but it's looking to be a great one and about 25 minutes of music so far has been composed! Aiming for 10 radio ready tracks this time with 30 < 40 minutes of music in total between them, and a release date in the first half of 2018. Hope you're looking forward to it, and feel free to listen to BTTB's 2016 album "Two Years On" here on Newgrounds, or "Daydream" (2017) my lastest electronic album as Jabun. Hope you enjoy them.

And that about wraps up all the news for this blog post! Hope you enjoy the new demo reel and if you need any mastering work (or other audio stuff) feel free to give me a buzz. Usual prices for mastering are ~$50 per track with a couple of add ons if you're interested (feel free to ask when you message). Looking forward to working with you and until the next post, thanks for supporting Jabun and my other music projects, and take care!

Keep those horns blaring,

Nick Standing (Jabun)


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