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Hehe, you never cease to make me chuckle XD

Well... that was horrific XD Well done, Sir. Well done!

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Great work, Hikarian. I love your art style and I thought the animation really captured the feelings in the character(s) well. Amazing job with the music, Matthew. Blown away! I really hope you guys win this thing! You both are amazing at what you do and super talented :D

All the stars XD

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Amazing and beautiful vocals and composition! I can really feel the emotion in this! Looking into the mixing, one thing you could do to improve is to have less bass frequencies on the bass guitar which comes in at 1:04. The subs/lows on that float a bit too high above the rest of the mix, but other than that I thought the piece was awesome. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to hearing more :)

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Dayam! I seem to have missed all these acapellas last year! Great work sir! Reminds me a lot of the Strange Music stuff you've sent me. iMayday! Perhaps :D

Cyberdevil responds:

Never too late to catch up! ;) Thanks man, some iMayday! inspiration there may very well be, though can't say I'm on their level of masterful melodic wordplay quite yet!

Nicely done! I'm looking forward to seeing what James Cameron does with this :D

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This is so awesome! And all just with the mouse too?! Amazing! Last weekend was the first time I got to play Botw, and it was mindblowing. Fantastic work capturing the vibe :)

All caught up again on your Inktober contributions #1-30 (I guess there's 1 to go?). Some scary monsters, some variations and some free-flowing thoughts from the looks of it :D Good times! To answer your thoughts too on #29 vs #30, I like #30 better, though admittedly it's very subtle. I think think the use of just the yellow and red in the background, vs the black and grey for the rock/weight gives more separation and a cooler contrast :D Really cool organic "noise" too with the random little brushstrokes. Really liking this one :D Great job!

Cyberdevil responds:

Yupp, just one more... and I'm actually not totally done with this one yet. XD It's the one that's been left undone for a couple days now... so hopefully tonight.

Yeah... that pretty much sums it up! Thanks for the opinion too. This one's growing on me the more I look at it too, though going back to the other... the dark text in particular really stands out along with the respective text-reflecting imagery... maybe some hybrid on that, and the more subtle borders would be the ideal for me. :) Thanks for reviewing all of them, sort of, so far, in these dual decalogy batches. :P

All caught up on #1-20 now and really loving most of them. Interesting reading the stories behind each piece as well as the puns in the description/title XD Same comments as I made for #1 really. Also I think it's really cool how you've incorporated the numbers into the art too, as more of a visual texture rather than the usual meanings of such abstract symbols. Really great stuff sir. This shark turned out sweet too! Although again pretty simple looking, it's super effective! Have you thought about designing greetings cards? Seems like something a lot of these things would be great for (Style and puns XD), and you could use the numbers of peoples ages as textures for your art. Just thinking aloud :D

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Cyberdevil responds:

Do agree with the super-efficient simpleness on this one. :) Thanks for checking out the whole batch so far, and glad you're enjoying both words and images! Greeting cards hmm, think I've had some ideas in the past but never got very far in the making of. Actually have one coming up in the next batch, though probably not one like the ones you're thinking about. :P Does seem like a fun thing to try though, for real. Witty wording's indeed almost as important a part of those as the visuals, so might actually work OK! Thanks for the ideas!

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